Image doesn’t start with how you look…


We deliver image & style as part of personal or professional development, as it supports the visual manifestation of the personal brand. 

Individuals who are seen as ambassadors of their own integrity – benefit the image of an entire organisation. Image is not about vanity, it is the visual manifestation of credo, competence and culture.

Our approach is unique and it creates ground-breaking results, because we focus on image and appearance through the lens of intention and thought.

We’re not here to create fashion clones, but to facilitate insights to the impact of image – and teach people how to effectively communicate through their appearance.


Contact details

Training & Seminars
Contact: Asbjorg Dunker
Mobile: +44 (0)7833 573066
Talks & 1:1 Sessions
Contact: Romi Carr
Mobile: +44 (0)7763 278859

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The 1:1 sessions suit individuals who want advance their style in a time and cost efficient way. Achieved through colour analysis, wardrobe review or a complete style makeover - this journey is both liberating and empowering.


These public workshops are perfect for anyone who wishes to understand image and the impact of appearance. Through the lens of intention and thought, we address aspects fundamental to the successful development of a personal style.


Our image training is developed for professionals and organisations, who seek to advance their presence and credibility. Each programme targets a different career stage, but supports the establishment of excellence through appearance.